Corporate Culture

Professional operator

More than 90% of our field workers have a background in professional and technical education and have many years of experience in equipment processing and assembly. It is precisely because of this united and dedicated, pioneering, skilled and experienced team that the company's technology and products can be continuously updated and upgraded.
Sunshinelux is committed to providing professional services and guidance to clients around the world with a serious, rigorous, proactive and effective attitude. For pre-sales services, we have skilled engineers to answer all your questions and inquiries, and provide a full range of solutions and technical training based on your project.
For after-sales service, we offer customized services according to your requirements. For example, send the spare parts you need within the guaranteed time and solve them via the Internet. We will strive to meet the trust needs of our customers, the need for mutual benefit and long-term cooperation.
Product advantage

1. Strong R&D capabilities and comprehensive product line
2. 3 main production lines and 1 custom production line
3. Advanced production equipment and laboratory equipment
4. Productivity (every day), 5000 floodlights, 5000 street lights, 5000 mining lights, 5000 North American lights. On-time delivery ability, the error is about 1 week


We are an outdoor LED lighting manufacturer.
We will respond patiently and meticulously to any advice and feedback from our customers.
For any inquiry from the customer, we will give a professional and reasonable quotation at a fast speed.
For any new product of the customer, we will communicate with the customer very professionally, listen to the customer's opinion and give useful suggestions to ensure a good product.
For any order from the customer, we will complete it on time and in quantity.
We spend time and energy to solve every problem of our guests.
We will do our utmost to support the green and energy saving policy. With the support of the government and the trust of our customers, we will provide you with quality products at a more competitive price, stable packaging, fast delivery date and timely after-sales service. The purpose of let us join hands in creating a green world.