• why led flood lights are broken?


    When the led flood lights is broken, mainly problem is the light source and driver are not good enough. If there is a tool to detect it, you will know which one is broken. The following is the general...

  • How to install and construct solar powered street lights?


    Solar street light is deeply loved by customers because of their good portability, good lighting effects, green environmental protection, no pollution, and unlimited installation. However, many custom...

  • What’s the standard for solar street lamp?


    In recent years, the solar street lamp industry has developed faster and faster, so what are the criteria for choosing solar street lamp? 1.Total light radiation - an industry term that can measure th...

  • Does solar street lights work normally in rainy days without sunlight?


    Solar street lamp, as the name suggests, are street lights that use solar energy to supply power and store electricity. So how do solar street lights work normally in long-term rainy weather without t...

  • What is the use value of led worklights?


    Led worklights is suitable for large-area, high-brightness lighting needs of various large-scale construction operations, maintenance and repairs, accident handling and rescue and disaster relief. Wha...

  • How to install LED UFO Lights?


    LED UFO Lights refers to the general term for lamps and lanterns used in factories, mines, warehouses, and high-bay production areas. Since different environments will change the reflection efficiency...