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  • What are the advantages of solar integrated street lights


    According to incomplete statistics, the cost of maintaining and using street lights in China is as high as hundreds of millions of dollars each year, which is a huge number. The main expenditure in th...

  • How to detect the quality of solar street lights


    Solar street lights are powered by crystalline silicon solar batteries, maintenance-free lithium batteries, and ultra-bright LED lamp beads as the light source. They are controlled by an intelligent c...

  • How to deal with the leakage of solar street lights


    The test method is to test the various parameters of the solar street light system and analyze the cause of the failure. The solar street light controller is generally installed in the light pole. In ...

  • How to choose high-quality solar street lights


    As an important energy source for the development and utilization of new energy at this stage, solar energy is an important development direction of the world's energy utilization and can effectively ...

  • How to install and debug solar street lights


    What are the processing techniques of acrylic materials 1. Casting Casting is used to form plexiglass plates, bars and other profiles, that is, the profiles are formed by bulk polymerization. After ca...

  • What are the advantages of using solar lamps


    With the increasing scarcity of earth resources, the investment cost of basic energy is getting higher and higher, and various safety and pollution problems can be seen everywhere. As an inexhaustible...